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Shopping made as easy as
having a conversation

Yalo for

COVID-19 pushed retail further into e-commerce.
Yalo transforms retailers digitally by setting an online store on top of messaging apps.


2-3 min

Average order completion time.



Digital orders increased after using Yalo commerce suite.

Easy to use

Providing shoppers a frictionless channel to reach out your company.

Conversational Commerce is the new normal

Finding the right services to reach diners online is challenging.

Mobile apps are expensive to build and keep up-to-date.

Helping the non-native digital customers to adapt to digital channels.

Identify their real customers rather than trying to appeal to everybody.

Unify the experience in digital channels and physical stores.

Run your business on WhatsApp with Yalo

Yalo provides digital solutions that reach your customers on the platforms where they are.

WhatsApp business profile management

With guidance on best practices

Yalo automated

Connect with shoppers using Yalo’s automated chatbot, designed and optimized for WhatsApp

E-Commerce on

Set up a complete catalog of your products and a shopping cart, allowing users to make orders directly from their chat in a fast and easy way.

Assisted Sales

If the artificial intelligence agent isn’t able to fulfill any requirement, a human agent can “take-over” the conversation at any moment.


Gather data and insights on your shoppers to better understand their mobile shopper journey.

Buyer's Journey

Yalo chats with your customers, providing you with the data, insight, optimization of mobile delivery apps, and the personalization of the conversation.



A shopper reaches out to your store’s messaging profile

(Or you reach out to them!)



They browse your menu, selecting items

Yalo answers their questions as they consider their choice



They select a payment option, and complete their order.



They receive a notification confirming their order and automated updates.

You receive your order, without ever picking up the phone.

The new normal:
Conversational Commerce

Consumers purchase your products without ever leaving the messaging app they are using.

We power conversational solutions for leading companies in Latin America and Asia

Proximity is power

We have a team and office near you


Mexico City


San Francisco

501 Octavia St San Francisco, CA 94102, EE. UU.



C-20, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex Mumbai MH 400051



700 Yan'an E Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai



Of. 102, Cl. 93 #19B-66


São Paulo

Paulista Avenue, 1079 7º e 8º andar Bela Vista São Paulo - SP